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Open Try-out Info

Is your team hosting an open try-out? 

If so,  notify us 
and we will post your information on this page of the web-site.  
Please send the EXACT VERBIAGE (black ink, same font, no pics or graphics) you want listed.  
All information will be updated weekly (Monday after post submitted) and if your information references a specific try-out date it will be deleted after that date has passed.  

‚ÄčNOTICE - Posts for the Spring League season will not be posted until after the Veteran's Day event (in Nov) and posts for the Fall League season will not be posted until after the State Championships (in June) each year.


ECLIPSE Baseball Club 8u

Eclipse Baseball Club is currently seeking competitive baseball players age 6-8 for our 8u fall tournament team.

Contact us to schedule a tryout for your player.

Please email for more information.


Diamond Kings 12U is looking for 12U players who are interested in playing USSSA Baseball for fall/spring 2017/2018.  Diamond Kings will participate in all League play games in fall 2017 and spring 2018.

Diamond Kings will also participate in all Local Tournaments including select out of state tournaments.

Diamond Kings practice 2 to 3 days a week and have 1 to 2 days of conditioning with local strength and conditioning coaches.

If interested, please contact Manager/Coach Paul Sanchez at 505-259-3018 to schedule a try out.

Note:  Diamond Kings is also interested in 2 to 3 players of 11U age for the 2017/2018 season. Pitching and Catching are a plus!  If interested please contact Manager/Coach Paul Sanchez at 259-3018


ABQ Red Sox 11u team is looking for 2 players for fall season.  For private tryouts please call 505-710-1878.


ABQ Red Sox 9u baseball club is looking for 2 players to fill spots on their current fall team.  For private tryouts please call 505-379-3298.


Duke City Prospects is looking for 2 more players for their 12U team. Please contact Mark at 505-400-5715 for more information


New Mexico School of Baseball (NMSB) is looking to add 1 or 2 more players to our Fall 12u and 13U teams this week. Please contact us for an individual tryout at the Jockshop and/or Alameda Little League Fields. Please call 949.545.3904 or 505.401.2628

Knuckleheads 12u are looking for 1-2 players to play in Fall League and 3-4 tournaments. 
Looking for experienced players to compete at AAA level. Contact Duane Taylor for info. 505-290-7752


ABQ Express is looking to fill a few spots and will be holding tryouts for 13U and 14U players. There are no coaches fees associated with being part of the Express we just want your dedication. Our cost is only league fees, uniforms and batting cage time. The staff are all baseball guys who have years of experience both on and off the baseball diamond. Lead by Robert Stratton who was the 13th overall pick in the 1st round of the 1996 draft by the New York Mets . Our goal is to get the boys ready for the next level both mentally and physically.  Please contact Sam Montoya @505-688-1047 for details about 13U tryout days and times and Robert Stratton @505-301-4743 or at for details about 14U tryout days and times. 

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