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League Registration Forms


The first meeting for the Spring League, each year, is on the first Thursday of Jan - 7pm.  The first meeting for the Fall League, each year, is the third Thursday in June - 7pm.
Meeting locations will be emailed out to past and prospective teams.  At these meetings the managers will decide issues not established by the Steering Committee such as the dates of play, total number of games, playing rules, equipment restrictions, scheduling philosophies and costs for the League program. 

Keep in mind - the forms are updated each season. Please be sure you are using the forms specific to the correct league season.

If you download Adobe Reader XI you will be able to save the information that you type into the forms

If you would like to reserve a spot in the AAD/USSSA league program please complete this on line application. It is critical that we have an accurate projections of the number of teams in each age division to be able to secure the necessary facilities to accommodate the growing number of team participants.

2019 Fall Team Registration Forms

At a minimum, the below forms are required from each team and are due by the published deadlines.  Some programs, depending upon their standing with AAD and USSSA may have additional registration requirements.  

Team Registration Forms (Entry Form and Policies/Procedures Agreement signed by the actual manager of each team) along with the $500.00 deposit

Player/Parent Agreement - The original is required for each participant on the team.  Keep a copy for yourself

Medical Authorization Form - A copy is required for each participant.  Keep the original for yourself.

Liability Waiver Form - One form with all parents signatures, phone and email on it.

The Code of Conduct (COC) form signed by each coach.    With the new Federal Safe Sport Act taking effect each coach will need to submit a new signed COC to the league  AND take a signed copy and sign it and take it with you when you get your ID Badge at Old School Driving if your badge needs to be renewed during the current league.   

AAD/USSSA Team Insurance Requirements
As a condition of participation in the AAD/USSSA Baseball League, all teams must have USSSA team insurance.  If your team has secured insurance prior to the League Registration deadline, you must submit certificates of additional insurance in the names listed within these requirements

Current (condensed) League Playing Rules

This PDF contains the primary and condensed playing rules adopted for league play.  The basis for the playing rules are the current MLB / USSSA rules with the league adopted (by the managers) variations - CONDENSED LEAGUE PLAYING RULES.

13u, 14u or Highschool Weeknight vs Weekend Schedule Survey

If your team is in the 13u, 14u or HS age divisions please click the below link and complete the scheduling survey that will affect when your team plays (weekday vs weekend) during the upcoming league.



‚ÄčThis document is required reading for EVERY player and participant in the league program and certification that it has been read is part of the Player/Parent Agreement.