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NCSI Registration

NCSI Background Investigations

As was the vote of the managers ALL managers and coaches, 18 years of age or older (as well as anyone in the dugout during any AAD/USSSA league contest, 18 years of age or older) must have submitted and passed a background check through the NCSISafe program, and specific to the AAD/USSSA league program.  While some individuals may have completed a background check for another youth sports program or through their day jobs, those entities pass / fall criteria may not match the pass / fall criteria of this program so everyone must conform to and be cleared by the AAD/USSSA NCSISafe process. 

Also, every individual (meeting the above criteria) must be listed on the teams roster, on the local web site and obtained the AAD/USSSA ID badge, prior to being allowed in the dugout or on the field.


  1.  Go to the NCSI Webpage --
  2.  Enter the ABQ/USSSA Group # - 58600136
  3.  Answer the two questions on that same screen (1. if this is your first time using NCSI, 2. do you have a US SS#).
  4.  Click Submit

If you HAVE used NCSI before:

  • Enter your Last Name, SS# & DOB to look up your information - OR - Enter your Application ID & DOB.

If you HAVE NOT used NCSI Before:

  • Fill out the application to proceed through the background screening process.
  1. The next screen will show your name under the League Background Investigation process.
  2. Click on the edit link next to your name and it will take you to a “Background Check Requirement” page.Click “Continue” and it will take you to the NCSISafe web site to complete your application.

  3. Answer the two questions on the first page and click “Submit”

  4. Answer all the questions on this page and click continue.

  5. At the “Applicant Verification Upload Documents” page submit a photocopy of your Drivers License and complete this process and select “Continue”

  6. Enter your residential address information and select “Continue”

  7. Complete the “Criminal History Information” and select “Continue”

  8. Verify or modify all the information contained on this screen and select “Continue”

  9. Complete the E-Sign/Electronic Communication Consent and Disclosure and select “Submit”

  10. Complete the Background Screening Registration agreement and select “Submit”

  11. Complete the Background Screening Consent and Authorization and select “Submit”

  12. Complete the payment and select “review order”

  13. Submit the order and you’re done.