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June 26th, 2018

AAD/USSSA is proud to announce and welcome Hector Martinez as the organizations Umpire in Chief (UIC) Hector will be responsible for all Recruitment, Retention, Training and Evaluating of the officials for all AAD/USSSA baseball programs.   Please contact Hector Martinez with any questions that you might have -  

He joins the AAD/USSSA team with a broad reach and unquestioned support of several baseball official’s organizations, region wide and will be adding many of those resources to support the AAD/USSSA programs. 

In the interim, there will be a 3rd party assignor/scheduler for the AAD/USSSA programs.  This person is not affiliated with any baseball official’s organization and will have the sole responsibility of scheduling the AAD/USSSA officials based on their desired schedules, locations and quantity of games. 

If you haven’t already done so, please complete the AAD/USSSA Scheduling Survey for the fall 2018 fall programs - 2019 Spring Officials Scheduling Survey


Baseball Officials Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What insurance coverages are provided when I register as a USSSA officials?

A.  Baseball Officials Insurance Coverage – See page 11

Q.  What and where are the forms that need to be completed to register with AAD/USSSA

A.  Baseball Officials Registration Packet – (pending revisions)

Q.  What are the general playing rules for USSSA baseball?

A.  2019 USSSA By-Laws and Playing Rules

Q.  What are the unique AAD/USSSA specific playing rules?

A.  2019 Baseball Officials Handbook 

Q.  What are the bat restrictions and where is the list of Withdrawn/Disallowed bats?

A.  USSSA Bat Restrictions and withdrawn/disallowed bats 

Q.  What is the compensation scale for AAD/USSSA Officials?

A.  Officials are paid a per game rate based on a $28.00 per hour rate.  Each game (league and tournaments), except championship tournament games, will have a “no new inning time limit” that establish the rate.  If a game ends in a run rule prior to the time limit being reached there is no deduction in the compensation rate.  Below are examples:

1 hour and 20 minute time limit = $37.50

1 hour and 30 minute time limit = $42.00

1 hour and 40 minute time limit = $46.75

1 hour and 45 minute time limit = $49.00

1 hour and 50 minute time limit = $51.50

2 hour time limit = $56.00

Q.  What are the uniform requirements for AAD/USSSA officials?

A.  Refer to the current years Work for Hire Agreement.

Q.  Will officials be 1099’d for any monies earned with AAD/USSSA?

A.  Yes


AAD/USSSA Baseball welcomes all current as well as novice umpires (ages 16 and up) or anyone who is interested in working in an enjoyable work environment.

AAD/USSSA Umpires are TRAINED PROFESSIONALS officiating the game of baseball in the Albuquerque/Rio Rancho Metroplex competitive environment. As an AAD/USSSA Umpire you will be expected to.

·       Attend two (2) Mandatory Clinics per year, Spring and Fall

·       Complete and submit the current Officials Registration Paperwork

·       Read and apply the current AAD / USSSA Officials Handbook - Hard copies will be provided at the clinic. 

·       Purchase a NFHS case book and Umpire manual (read these as well)

·       Purchase the proper uniforms

·       Purchase the proper equipment

The mandatory clinics give our expert instructors the opportunity to teach new (and refresh returning) umpires on the proper mechanics to become a successful official.
The AAD/USSSA Season kicks-off with the Umpire Training tournament the last weekend in February and concludes with our annual Veteran’s Day Weekend Tournament in November.  In addition to these tournaments, AAD/USSSA also hosts a Cinco de Mayo Tournament, The USSSA State Championships as well as a Dog Days tournament the first week of August and Labor Day Weekend Tournament, Balloon Fiesta Tournament and Veteran's Day Tournament in the fall.
In between tournaments, Officials have an opportunity to hone their skills during league play. League play runs from the last weekend of March thru the middle of June and then picks up again in August and concludes in October.
All umpires in good standing have an opportunity to officiate anywhere from 60-90 games per season.

To become an AAD/USSSA Umpire, please contact or AND complete the survey at 2019 Spring Officials Scheduling Survey


UIC Hector Martinez (left) and Long Time Veteran/Trainer Anthony Martinez (right)

UIC Hector Martinez (left) and Long Time Veteran/Trainer Anthony Martinez (right)